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Are you having trouble with your ammonia refrigerators? We at RV REFRIGERATOR REPAIR specialize in the remanufacturing of ammonia cooling coils. No matter what kind of ammonia refrigerator you have, there are three things that have to occur;  See how a cooling works.

1.       The refrigerator has adequate ventilation (0 clearance on sides and 0 on bottom and top).

2.       The refrigerator must be level.

3.       The refrigerator must have the correct heat. It is always best to check on electric.

If you don’t know the proper wattage or know how to check it, please contact us at 256-784-5133 (toll-free:1 888-483-7586)

If these three things are correct, the cooling unit should work.  If not, we recommend checking the following:

1.       Check to see if there is a smell of ammonia in or around the refrigerator. This indicates the unit has a leak.

2.       Is there a yellowish or greenish powder around the insulation pack, at the back of the refrigerator at the burner? This indicates the cooling coil has a leak and needs to be replaced.

3.       Do you hear a loud gurgling sound about five minutes after you turn the refrigerator on? This means the cooling unit has lost pressure and the coil needs to be repaired.

4.       Is the coil in the rear of your refrigerator hot and the box not cold? This indicates your unit needs replacing. When checking this, please be careful because these coils can get extremely hot.

5.       Check to see if the door gaskets are secure, there are no air leaks and check the thermostat.


Thank you for considering RV Refrigerator Repair for all of your refrigerator needs.